YJ Responds

Young Judaea extends its thoughts to those in the New York area affected by Hurricane Sandy. We also extend our hearts to Israelis affected by the rocket fire from Gaza and to all innocent civilians who are suffering due to the escalation of violence.

YJ has a proud history of responding to a fluid and quickly changing world, from the Balfour Declaration to Civil Rights to Hurricane Katrina relief work to defending Israel through a regretfully long list of military and diplomatic conflicts with her Arab neighbors. After seeing the damage wrought on the New York area by Hurricane Sandy and the violent turn in Israel continues to spiral, we at Young Judaea are determined to respond.

Young Judaea is launching a series of events to support victims from Hurricane Sandy including:

YJ Responds Overnight – December 8th-9th: YJ is convening teens in the Northeast to join us at Brooklyn College Hillel for a Moetzeh Shabbat of learning and enjoyment followed by providing community service the following morning and afternoon, specifically within the Jewish community in the Coney Island area.

Alternative Winter Break New York – December 23rd -27th: Following in the success of Alternative Winter Break New Orleans, we will host Jewish teens from across the country to spend part of their winter break in the NYC area and providing at least 20 hours of community service to the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

National Midwinter Convention – February 15-18th, 2013: We are moving the location of our annual National Midwinter Convention from Camp Young Judaea Texas to a location in the New York area specifically for the purpose of dedicating a full day to providing community service to victims of Hurricane Sandy.

The situation between Israel and Gaza is quickly changing and still very much unfolding. Young Judaea prides itself on the political diversity that Pluralism produces and the time for reflecting upon and arguing about Israel’s policies regarding Palestinians and Hamas-controlled Gaza will come. Right now are compelled to defend the Jewish state as it struggles to protect its citizens. Therefore, Young Judaea encourages all Jewish teens and YJ alumni to contact their senators and ask them if they have or will co-sponsor the Gillibrand/Kirk Resolution in the US Senate defending Israel’s right to self-defense. Click here to find out who your senators and house representative are and click here to find out who has and has not yet co-sponsored the bill.

Additionally, we at are actively and intensively monitoring the situation and will continue determining how we can best support Israel at this time.